Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kok Sen Seafood Hor Fun

Located at Keong Saik Road in Chinatown, Kok Sen is well-known for its cze char (Chinese cooked dishes). When I walked past it last weekend, I decided to try its seafood hor fun.

Reasonably priced at $3.50, the delicious hor fun is served with vegetables, meat, sotong and prawns. The flavorful gravy, topped with egg, complements the delicious hor fun very well. The sotong, meat and prawns are remarkably fresh and tasty.

Kok Sen is one of the must-try seafood hor fun if you are at Chinatown.


Kok Sen Seafood Hor Fun
30A Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089137

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle

Jalan Besar was previously famous for Sin Hoe Hin Dark Sauce Wanton Mee but it has closed down. Recently I heard that there is another wanton mee which is just as good, if not better.

I went to try Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle on Christmas eve and was fortunate that it was still open for lunch.

I ordered a $3 plate of wanton mee which comes with special egg noodle that is topped with fresh char siew and crispy fried wanton and a bowl of dumpling soup. I guess I did not do justice to the dumpling soup which I left out of the picture. But on that day, the soup was served later and I was too hungry to wait. So I just took a picture of the noodles and started eating. Nevertheless I savoured the soup and the tasty dumplings at the end.

Unlike Sin Hoe Hin, Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle is more of the traditional Cantonese style than KL dark sauce wanton mee. Don't miss this wanton mee that is delicious and value-for-money.


Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle
209 Jalan Besar (Sam Leong Road)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) Mutton Soup

I am not a fan of mutton soup but when I was at Serangoon Gardens Food Center for dinner last Wednesday, I had the craving for something soupy and herbal. After browsing through the stalls, I finally settled for Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) Mutton Soup.

I ordered a bowl of mutton noodle soup which costs $4. Topped with wolfberries, the herbal soup is sweet and savory and complements the noodles very well. The mutton pieces are meaty and tasty.

After trying Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) mutton soup, I have my fair share of likes and dislikes. I like the herbal flavour of mutton soup but dislike the toughness of mutton. If you love mutton soup, Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) mutton soup is certainly worthwhile to try.


Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) Mutton Soup
Serangoon Garden Food Centre
49A Serangoon Garden Way

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa

This stall at Hong Lim Food Centre named Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa sells both laksa and mee siam with prawns. Although I was fascinated with the idea of mee siam with prawns, I decided to try the laksa which it is famous for.

Somewhat similar to the famous Katong laksa, the flavorful gravy, though more diluted in consistency, is filled with the delightful fragrance of coconut milk and sweetness of dried shrimps. Definitely worthwhile for its price, a bowl of laksa which costs only $3, is topped with generous servings of sliced prawns and fresh cockles.

If you are a fan of Katong laksa, do not miss Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa that is not only more delicious but also more value for money.


Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa
Hong Lim Food Centre
Blk 531A Upper Cross Street #02-67
Closed on Sundays

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shi De Bao Cooked Food

In an almost deserted industrial estate in Changi North Street 1, I was surprised to find a cze char (Chinese cooked food) stall that was open on a dark and rainy Saturday night. That was more than 6 months ago when a friend brought me there for dinner. From then on, Shi De Bao Cooked Food became my favorite cze char stall in Singapore.

I tried to do a Google search for Shi De Bao Cooked Food but there was none. The exact address, which I noted on my subsequent visit, is Mil-Com Group, 11 Changi North Street 1.

Of all the delicious Chinese cuisine served, I love the pomfret fish head steamboat most. Concentrated with the irresistable sweetness of fish with a subtle tinge of herbs, the mouthwatering soup is the most flavorful of all fish head steamboat that I have tasted in Singapore. The thick slices of pomfret are extremely fresh and delightfully tasty. For only $30, the pomfret fish head steamboat can serve up to 6 persons satisfactorily.

The second dish that I recommend from Shi De Bao is the Thai style pork leg. This exquisite dish is an enormous fried pork leg with a crispy and fragrant outer layer and tender meat that is filled with a kaleidoscope of flavours, ranging from sweet and sour to salty and spicy.

The prawn paste chicken is another dish that you must definitely try. Well-marinated and expertly fried, the crispy chicken drumsticks and wings are fingerlicking good.

The delicious prawn omelette comes in generous portion scattered with fresh prawns.

The sambal kang kong is spicy and savory and goes very well with the rice.

In my opinion, Shi De Bao Cooked Food is the best cze char stall in Singapore. Despite the superior culinary standard of the dishes, the prices are however cheap and reasonable. For the sumptuous dinner above, I only paid $70 inclusive of drinks for 6 persons. If you are a cze char lover, do find your way to Changi North Street 1 and try this fantastic cze char today.


Shi De Bao Cooked Food
11 Changi North St 1
Mil-Com Group

Sunday, January 4, 2009

You Yi Sliced Fish Mee Suah

While Singaporeans generally like sliced fish bee hoon, I prefer sliced fish mee suah (fine vermicelli) because I feel that the soft consistency and rice flavour of mee suah goes very well with fish soup.

When I was at Chomp Chomp to try Che Jian fried hokkien mee, I decided to try You Yi sliced fish mee suah too. Reasonably priced at $3, the fish mee suah comes with a satisfactory portion of mee suah topped with generous servings of sliced fish.

The delicious fish soup is sufficiently clear and flavorful with no excessive tinge of fishiness. The sliced fish is fresh and tasty and complements the mee suah very well.

If you are a frequent patron of Chomp Chomp, don't just try the BBQ seafood and chicken wings. Do try You Yi fish soup too.


You Yi Sliced Fish Mee Suah
Chomp Chomp Food Centre
20 Kensington Park Road