Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ishi Mura House Special Ramen

This Japanese-themed foodcourt on the level 3 extension of Northpoint Shopping Centre looks more like a restaurant on the outside. Which is why even though I have been working in Yishun, I never knew that Ishi Mura is a foodcourt until recently.

An interesting concept of food stalls with an impressive variety of delicious Japanese food ranging from ramen to baked rice and omelette rice, pizza and pasta, okonomiyaki, bento and burger, sushi and sashimi etc, I decided to have the house special ramen after much hesitation.

Reasonably priced at $6.90, the house special ramen comes with a prawn, two scallops, a piece of char siew (braised meat) and half a braised egg. Filled with delightful seafood essence and a slight milky tinge, the special soup is sweet and flavorful and goes very well with the springy ramen. The authentic homemade chilli paste is remarkably spicy and savory. The fresh scallops and prawn are also juicy and tasty.

Delicious yet affordably priced, Ishi Mura ramen will certainly give Ajisen ramen a run for its money.


Ishi Mura (Northpoint)
Northpoint Shopping Centre
930 Yishun Avenue 2

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Extreme Power said...

Nice one. You should also try the new penang food in basement 2 in northpoint. Try the CKT and Penang Laksa. Prawn noodle also not bad. Bakuteh opposite it also good. Enjoy!