Thursday, December 27, 2007

Zi Yean Stewed Beef La Mian

Zi Yean is a restaurant at the void deck of a HDB flat which has two sections, an air-conditioned and an alfresco one. Though famous for its impressive tze char (ala carte cooked dishes), Zi Yean also serves delicious dim sum (snacks and dumplings) and la mian (homemade noodles) for lunch and tea.

My favorite is the stewed beef la mian. For only $3.80, you get a bowl of delicious la mian with generous chunks of stewed beef. All beef lovers will be delighted to know that the chunks of beef are not only VERY HUGE but tasty, tender and well-marinated. The flavorful gravy is extremely complementary to the homemade noodles which are smooth and delicate.

I strongly recommend Zi Yean's stewed beef la mian for lunch. One day I shall try its famous tze char and blog about it too. Stay tuned.


Zi Yean Restaurant
Blk 56 Lengkok Bahru
#01-443 S(150056)


lorraine82 said...

Tried the tze char at Zi Yean with my family earlier this year... it was indeed very good. Haven't tried the la mian yet...

Anonymous said...

Wow the beef looks really chunky...