Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yeap Seng Egg Tart

When I was having my favorite ban mian at Whampoa Market this morning, I stumbled upon this stall named Yeap Seng Handmade Pau Tim which has a variety of pastries and dim sum at very affordable prices.

Although priced at only $0.70, I feel that Yeap Seng's egg tart tastes better than the famous $1.30 egg tart from Tong Heng in Chinatown. Filled with thick butter fragrance, the flavorful crust goes very well with the mouthwatering egg custard that is just of the right sweetness.

Besides egg tart, Yeap Seng also has carrot cake, char siew bao, fried ngor hiang, curry puff etc. If you are a pastry lover, come down to Whampoa and try it for yourself.


Yeap Seng Handmade Pau Tim
Blk 91 Whampoa Dr #01-33


Ming Na said...

It's my favourite egg tart!
Thanks for the post!

Alberta Leong said...

woo!! i LOVE egg tarts too!!! drools..