Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodles

To all food enthusiasts out there, if you think that Singapore beef noodles is fantastic, wait till you taste Seremban beef noodles. I am not a big fan of beef noodles as I do not like the sensation of gravy sticking on my throat. But I was tempted to try Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodles after I saw the excellent reviews and recommendations on Singapore's Best Food Online Directory. So I went down to Marine Parade Food Centre yesterday and tried it for myself. It was indeed very impressive and much better that my expectations.

While the typical Singapore beef noodles comes with thick savory gravy that blends well with kway teow, the tasty gravy of Seremban beef noodles is less starchy and goes better with thick rice noodles. Besides having the characteristic beef aroma, its special gravy also contains a rich authentic flavour with no tinge of monosodium glutamate. It blends so impeccably with the noodles, every strand is thoroughly coated with a layer of thick mouthwatering gravy. The generous slices of beef are tender and well-marinated. The unique chilli is extremely thick and spicy and complements the noodles and beef, making the whole dish simply irresistable. However Seremban beef noodles is never complete without its delicious beef broth that is brewed in a variety of ingredients including carrots and radish that confer the soup its natural sweetness.

So what are you waiting for? Come down to Marine Parade and experience Singapore's one and only Seremban beef noodles today.


Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodles
Blk 84
Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440084


Gary said...

Seremban beef noodles looks delicious. Have you tried Hock Lam beef noodles?

kensongs said...

Hi Gary, no I haven't tried Hock Lam beef noodles. I will try it one of these days & write about it.

Augustine said...

I have given't up on beef noodles in S'pore. They all taste so....blend. Lor mee is way better.

Anonymous said...

On the 20/06/10(Sunday), I went to block 84 marine parade central, hawker central to buy my dinner. Came across this Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodles stall which I often see there's a Q. Therefore decided to try their beef noodles even though I can't take beef.

I ordered a set of beef noodles takeaway from this girl who is the stall helper there. She told me $3.70. After giving her a $50 note, I saw the menu board, $3.50 for beef noodles. So I asked her if it's $3.50 or $3.70 while she's cashing in my order into the cash register. She replied rudely with her back facing me and an impatient tone to me,"70", which mean $3.70. Therefore to confirm whether the additional 20cents she is charging me is for takeaway container as I do not see the takeaway 20cents signage, I asked her if the 20cents is for takeaway container. She turned around giving me an unwelcome and unfriendly look, pointing to the "takeaway 20cents" signage behind her which she has been blocking it with her body. I was totally turned off by her rude behavior even before I try the noodles for the 1st time. All my hunger and curiosity is gone. I believe she didn't give me any discount on the noodles, but why is she giving me discount on her customer service???

Maybe a lot of people might think this is hawker central, not 5-star hotel, where got service in such a place. But come on, at least be friendly and polite a bit lah, they're doing business, not people owe them a business that we deserve this kind of treatment. People give them business still need to see their attitude! "Xiao bo"! People don't owe her a living. Just buying a dinner for myself and get this kind of treatment from her. If they can be rude, does that mean customer can be rude also because hawker central ma!??? Is this encouraging customer to be rude to them also? As if people greedy for their food. This kind of attitude, I will never go again for sure.

After trying the noodles, the gravy is diff taste from the usual beef noodles gravy we eat, only diff is additional peanuts and salted veggie as topping, taste is not bad, but not so great until have to Q-up for bad service just to eat that noodles. I think it's not worth to Q-up for it. After Q-ing for so long, u get a bad service from them, I'm sure nobody can take it. Before the noodles can ease your hunger, the bad attitude already eases your hunger and gives u a lousy mood. Damn sucks!

To be more civilize, we call this girl behavior is rude. To be more specific and mean, we call it ill-bred!!!

chopinandmysaucepan said...

Is this noodle sweet? Looks like an awful lot of black sauce in there!