Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bee Kia Beef Hor Fun

Having reviewed and recommended Bee Kia seafood hor fun as the best in Singapore, I received comments from some readers that its beef hor fun is even better. Some readers even commented that it is more delicious than the famous Geylang Lor 9 beef hor fun.

When I went there for lunch today, I ordered a plate of beef hor fun which costs $4, $1 less than Geylang Lor 9. Expertly fried with a distinctive charcoal aroma, the sumptuous kway teow is thoroughly coated with mouthwatering gravy that is filled with the flavorful essence of black beans, chilli paste and black pepper. Those who feel that Geylang Lor 9's beef is too overly tenderised will be delighted to taste the generous slices of beef that are tasty, well-marinated and tender to the right consistency.

After trying the beef hor fun from both Geylang Lor 9 and Bee Kia, I still like the one from Geylang Lor 9 better because its gravy is more savory and irresistable. Nevertheless I still feel that Bee Kia's seafood hor fun is the best in Singapore.


Bee Kia Seafood Restaurant
Blk 1 Balestier Hill Shopping Centre
Thomson Road
12pm to 11pm


Hiro_K said...

In terms of quality of beef hor fun, both Bee Kia and Geylang have their own strengths. The beef from Bee Kia tastes better; the gravy from Geylang is more savoury.

Anonymous said...

have you tried the beef horfun in changi village hawker centre? cant remember the stall name but i think the cook is a man from hongkong. that's the best beef horfun i have tasted in a hawker centre