Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Million Fishball Noodle

I vaguely recalled having this fishball noodle a few years ago but it did not leave a lasting impression. Nevertheless when I was at Bishan Central for dinner last week, I decided to try Million fishball noodle for a second time.

I ordered a bowl of fishball dry mee pok which costs $3. Upon taking my first bite, I was impressed with the springy consistency of the dry mee pok and how well it blended with the spicy chilli sauce. It was a long time since I last had mee pok so well-cooked that it tasted so springy. With a distinctive fishy aroma, the tasty fishballs are reasonably bouncy in consistency and go very well with the noodles.

Even though I am not a fan of fishball noodle, I thoroughly enjoyed Million fishball dry mee pok. Come down to Bishan and try it for yourself today.


Million Fishball Noodle
Kim San Leng Food Centre
Blk 511 Bishan St 13 #01-522

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