Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joo Hing Seafood Hor Fun

A friend recommended me to the seafood hor fun from Joo Hing, a restaurant in Joo Chiat which is famous for its cze char (Chinese cooked dishes).

Reasonably priced for an air-conditioned restaurant, a plate of seafood hor fun which costs $5 is served with a wide variety of ingredients such as prawns, sotong, fish, chicken, lean meat and fish cake. Well-fried with a delightful wok hei flavour, the delicious hor fun is coated with thick savory gravy. I was impressed by the freshness of the fish, sotong and prawn which makes the hor fun even more value for money.

If you prefer dining in an air-conditioned environment, Joo Hing is the one restaurant which I will certainly recommend for its impressive hor fun and cze char.


Joo Hing Restaurant
360 Joo Chiat Road
Closed on Mondays

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