Friday, December 7, 2007

Borshch Steakhouse

Let me begin by introducing Borshch Steakhouse as the restaurant which serves the best and most affordable Russian food in Singapore. Located at Serangoon Gardens, opposite Chomp Chomp Food Centre, this restaurant is surprisingly quiet despite its inexpensive set lunches and set dinners. Maybe it's the lack of publicity. Maybe it's the lacklustre surroundings. Or maybe it's the old-fashioned layout. Nevertheless I decided to give it a try and I was extremely impressed.

I ordered the set dinner which comes with shrimp cocktail, Borshch soup, sirloin steak, peach melba and coffee for only $13.80 ($14.50 after service charge and no GST). Where else in Singapore can you get a sumptuous Western set dinner at such a price?

The shrimp cocktail which is delightful and appetizing, serves to prime the taste buds for the irresistable main course. The authentic Borshch soup which comes with cabbage and mutton, is absolutely mouthwatering with a kaleidoscope of flavors ranging from sweet to spicy to sour.

Served sizzling on the hotplate, the impressive sirloin steak is tender, succulent and fingerlicking good. Every portion of the sirloin steak is evenly grilled with a distinctive charred aroma and an unforgettable smoky taste.

Complete your sensational dining experience with peach melba which is vanilla ice-cream topped with a slice of peach.

This Russian restaurant is indeed praiseworthy for its affordable food and prompt service. However its dim lighting and poor ventilation can be improved. Nevertheless Borshch Steakhouse left me a great impression and I will certainly be returning for more.


Borshch Steakhouse
58 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555954
Tel: 6280 4351
Opens daily from 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm


Nic (KHKL) said...

the price is really something! and the steak looked huge too. a very interesting find, indeed.

lorraine82 said...

Hi, my husband & I prefer Jack's Place than Borshch although prices are higher at Jack's... bcos the ambience is nicer and the place is not so stuffy...

Anonymous said...

the price is good,
i went there yesterday, now there is 10% service charge.
your clothes will have a smell after eating there though

Christine said...

hi, my family used to go to borshch very frequently when i was younger (love the borshch soup and the shrimp cocktail), but after one too many encounters with their hygiene (check out their toilets/back kitchen), we stopped patronising the place.

horrifying encounters include half cooked bloody chicken, cockroach eggs found inside the food (and you cant really see much of your food because the lights are so dim, my mum bit into the cockroach egg thinking it was party of the salad before spitting it out)... so yep, if you're one who doesnt mind so much about hygiene, then you can give this place a short, the smell of the butter melting onto their steak is yummy!