Monday, January 28, 2008

Changi Lor 108 Fei Lao Seafood Hor Fun

Located at Joo Chiat Road in the midst of several famous tze char restaurants, this small restaurant is often overlooked. When I walked past it tonight, I noticed several people having seafood hor fun and decided to give it a try too.

As a plate of Fei Lao seafood hor fun costs $5, more expensive than in other tze char restaurants, I really had very high expectations in mind. Fortunately it did not disappoint.

Surrounded with savory gravy, the mouthwatering kway teow is spectacularly fried with an irresistable charred fragrance, I finished all of it at one go, mouthful after mouthful. Delightfully embellished with generous servings of fresh prawns, sotong, fish, lean meat and pig liver, this sumptuous hor fun is definitely worthwhile for its price.

This is undoubtedly one of the most delicious seafood hor fun in Singapore. If only the gravy is less oily and more flavorful, perhaps it would be the best.


Changi Lor 108 Fei Lao Seafood
229 Joo Chiat Road

Update 21/3/09 - This stall has shifted to:

Blk 86
Bedok North St 4
Singapore 460086


Anonymous said...

there's a hor fun stall at Geylang East food centre called Tian Chao, its hor fun is the best.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Fei Lao have shifted to? Its no longer at Joo Chiat.