Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Misa Bedok Corner Chicken Fried Rice

I love chicken fried rice. Not to be mistaken for fried chicken rice which is fried chicken with rice, chicken fried rice is fried rice with chicken.And my favorite chicken fried rice can be found in a stall at Bedok Corner Food Centre called Misa Bedok Corner. I always order the spicy version which means that the rice is fried with chilli.

For only $4, I get a large plate of spicy fried rice, a huge roasted chicken drumstick and a bowl of soup. The rice is so thoroughly fried with chilli, tomato sauce, corn and green peas, every single grain is coated with a golden orange layer of sweetness and spiciness with overwhelming fragrance. The roasted chicken drumstick is extremely tender and juicy and complements the fried rice very well.

Other than fried rice, Misa Bedok Corner also has an impressive variety of Halal local cuisine eg char siew chicken rice, wanton noodles, lor mee, prawn noodles and chicken feet noodles. There is always something different to try.


Misa Bedok Corner
Bedok Corner Food Centre
1 Bedok Road
Stall No 11
Singapore 469572

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norishah said...

Hi. Do try Has Bawa at Marine Parade Hawker Centre. Opposite Parkway Parade. The mee kuah is fabulous.