Thursday, August 28, 2008

Xin Sheng Huo Seafood Hor Fun

Better known as the hor fun stall in the middle of Alexandra Village Food Centre, I never noticed Xin Sheng Huo until I read about it on the Makansutra forum.

A plate of seafood hor fun which costs only $3 comes with a generous variety of ingredients eg prawns, sotong, fish and mussels. The delicious hor fun is marvellously fried with a distinctive wok hei flavour. The mouthwatering gravy is remarkably savory and complements the tasty hor fun very well. What is most special is its fresh sotong and juicy mussels makes Xin Sheng Huo seafood truly outstanding.

To all hor fun lovers in Singapore, this is certainly one of the best seafood hor fun I have ever tasted. Even the seafood hor fun from famous restaurants and cze char stalls somehow pale in comparison with Xin Sheng Huo. Come down and try it for yourself today.


Xin Sheng Huo Seafood Hor Fun
Alexandra Village Food Centre

Update 19/5/2009 - This stall has closed down.


Anonymous said...

I love the hor fun store too! I've passed by the store recently only to see a "For rent" sign. Is the couple giving up the business or are they relocating?

Sen said...

They had relocated to the middle row 1st stall (near the restroom)

Paul T said...

does anyone know where this shifted to since alexandra fc is undergoing renovation?