Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Old Stall Famous Hokkien Prawn Mee

Just as there are two famous curry mee in Hong Lim Food Centre, there are two famous prawn noodles, both located on the second storey. The first, Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodles, failed to leave a lasting impression, so I went to try the second, The Old Stall Famous Hokkien Prawn Mee today.

I ordered the $5 bowl of prawn noodles with pork ribs. The first thing that catches my attention is the light-coloured soup which seems devoid of dark soya sauce. Even so, the unique soup is very flavorful with the sweet essence of fresh prawns and pork ribs. The delicious noodles are well-complemented by the tasty halved prawns and tender pork ribs.

This is one prawn mee that is not to be missed if you are having lunch at Hong Lim Food Centre. It may not be the best but it is certainly worth a try.


The Old Stall Famous Hokkien Prawn Mee
Hong Lim Food Centre
531A Upper Cross Street #02-68
Closed on Thursdays


lorraine82 said...

Hi, the old stall is definitely better than ah hui...

Hiro_K said...

Have u tried the prawn mee at redhill hawker centre? Can't recall the name but it also sells char kway teow. The prawn mee is super.

Anonymous said...

hello,the old stall is always the best...i went there almost every week with my girl...she loves the soup so much..

Anonymous said...

the old stall is definitely the best cos without (msg)...after finished up the whole bowl of soup i dun feel thirsty at all and their services is good...