Thursday, February 28, 2008

River Valley Nasi Padang

When I went to Zion Riverside Food Centre for lunch last week, I happened to walk past this small restaurant packed with customers eating nasi padang. Only after searching on the Internet that I realised it is the famous River Valley Nasi Padang that is supposedly one of the best nasi padang in Singapore.

Nasi padang is an Indonesian dish of steamed rice served with a wide choice of meat and vegetable dishes ranging from fried chicken to curry vegetables.

When I went for lunch today, I was impressed by the great variety of dishes available. After much hesitation, I finally ordered a plate of plain rice with sambal goreng and curry chicken which cost $3.50 in total.

Sambal goreng is a mixed vegetable dish which consists of long beans, bean curd and tempeh fried with sambal chilli.

In my opinion, sambal goreng is the best dish to gauge the culinary standard of nasi padang and in this case, River Valley Nasi Padang passed with flying colours. Well-fried with a delightful kaleidoscope of flavours, the sambal goreng is indeed the best that I have tasted so far. The curry chicken is spicy and delicious with thick savory gravy that complements the plain rice really well.

It was indeed a sumptuous and satisfying lunch experience and I have to admit that River Valley Nasi Padang is the best nasi padang that I have tasted so far.


River Valley Nasi Padang
54 Zion Road
Opens from 9am to 9pm
Closed on Public Holidays

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Anonymous said...

the standard of the dishes at river valley nasi padang is very high but the prices are also very expensive.