Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Uncle Leong Seafood

Many bloggers have written about the tale of two famous crabs in Ang Mo Kio. Situated in two coffee shops at opposite ends of a carpark, Mellben Seafood is the more popular and better advertised of the two. With no offence to crab enthusiasts who are Mellben lovers, I personally prefer Uncle Leong Seafood, simply because it is less crowded. Which means that I get to dine in a less noisy environment and I get my food faster.

Let me begin sharing my memorable dining experience with 3 friends at Uncle Leong Seafood yesterday. We ordered 5 of its signature dishes which are chilli crab, claypot crab bee hoon, Mongolian fried pork ribs, deep fried seafood tofu and fried kang kong with abalone mushrooms. Even though we placed our orders at 6.30pm, the service was prompt and we got our food in around 15 minutes.

The fried kang kong with abalone mushrooms came first. The vegetables are well-fried in oyster sauce and topped with slices of abalone mushrooms.

Next came the Mongolian pork ribs. The meat is tender and well-marinated with a savory taste and a smoky fragrance.

The deep fried seafood tofu is not fantastic but still tasty and crispy.

The delicious chilli crab was the highlight of the dinner. The sweet-and-spicy gravy is so thick with generous servings of egg, it leaves a lingering taste in the mouth and a warm sensation in the throat even hours after dinner. And to the delight of crab lovers, it is free from small pieces of broken crab shell. The crab meat is thick and succulent, every bite is simply irresistable.

Last but the not least, we had the claypot crab bee hoon which is simply heavenly. The concentrated soup is shimmering with crustacean sweetness, it must have been brewed in crabs for hours. The inconspicuous ginger removes the excessive fishy taste and gives the soup a gentle tinge of spiciness. The noodles are so well-immersed with the soup, they blend impeccably with each other. The crab meat is so soft and fresh, it leaves a natural sweetness on the taste buds.

Indeed it was a sumptuous dinner for all of us and we left the restaurant feeling really happy and satisfied.


Uncle Leong Seafood
Blk 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 (St 22)
#01-1194 S(560233)
Tel: 65543453
Opens daily from 4pm to 11.30pm


lorraine82 said...

Wow the crabs looks really yummy. I tried Mellben's before but was put off by the long waiting time. Thks 4 recommending Uncle Leong's...

Anonymous said...

Hi kensongs, how much did the dinner cost?