Friday, March 21, 2008

Your Kitchen Crab Bee Hoon

Crab Bee Hoon for only $8.90?

Whenever I walked past this stall named Your Kitchen in Marina Square Food Court, I had to resist the great temptation of trying this inexpensive crab bee hoon. I finally had the chance to satisfy my curiosity and my craving for crabs when I went there for dinner last week.

Served piping hot in claypot, the mouthwatering crab bee hoon comes with a small crab. Well-fried with a smoky aroma, the thick bee hoon is thoroughly coated with savory gravy, somewhat resembling the semi-dry consistency of fried hokkien prawn mee. Although the crab is small, it is delightfully sweet and sufficiently fleshy to satisfy my hunger.

For crab lovers who crave for crabs and are reluctant to spend more than $10, this is the crab bee hoon that I strongly recommend. Besides crab bee hoon, Your Kitchen also has chilli crab and pepper crab, also for $8.90 only. Come down to Marina Square Food Court and try it for yourself today.


Your Kitchen Crab Bee Hoon
Marina Square Food Court

Update 21/9/2008 - This stall has closed down.

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jean said...

Wow the crab bee hoon looks great. Must try it one of these days!