Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hock Choon Lor Mee

I heard about this lor mee stall at Eunos Market which has long queues during weekends and decided to try it for myself.

Although Hock Choon sells both lor mee and laksa, I noticed most of its customers having lor mee instead.

I ordered a $3 bowl of lor mee which comes with braised meat, braised egg and fried fish nuggets. Sufficiently thick and not overly sticky, the savory gravy coats the noodles very well. The delightful combination of braised meat and braised egg with deep fried fish nuggets gives the lor mee a semi-traditional flavour.

Overall, Hock Choon lor mee is one of the more delicious lor mee in the heartlands of Singapore. If there is anything lacking, it would be fried fish which I believe would greatly improve its rating and popularity.


Hock Choon Lor Mee
Eunos Market And Food Centre
4A Eunos Crescent

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Anonymous said...

I had tried the old airport road and the bukit permai one. However Hock Choon Lor Mee is still the best Lor mee that I can find in Singapore. However the hawker center has closed down for renovation, expected to re-open at sometimes around July 2012.
Not sure whether they have move to somewhere else...does anybody know where they have move to?? Thanks!!