Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Located at Amara Hotel, within walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT, this Japanese restaurant, which serves sumptuous buffet dinner, is recommended by a friend of mine. Not a fan of Japanese food because of my phobia of raw seafood, I was surprisingly impressed by the supreme quality and generous variety of cooked dishes available at the buffet. Leaving the sushi and sashimi to my friends, I helped myself to the mouthwatering teriyaki and tempura.

The pan fried salmon was fresh and tasty while the pan fried beef (yaki niku) was tender and well-marinated. The salmon teriyaki (shake teriyaki) was absolutely irresistable while the skewer chicken (yaki tori) was sweet and flavourful. The soft shell crab (kani karaage) was crispy and delicious while the fried prawn tempura (ebi fry) was succulent and finger-licking good. The fried rice (yaki meshi) was exceptionally fragrant and the paper steamboat (kami nabe) was savory and complimentary to the fried rice. Food aside, the authentic ambience of the restaurant was simply breathtaking.

Even for a non-lover of Japanese food like me, I must admit it was a very memorable dining experience. And at $32 per person, it is quite affordable and certainly value for money. So all Japanese food enthusiasts out there, do not hesitate any longer. Bring your family down to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant today.


Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
The Amara
165 Tanjong Pager Road #01-17
Singapore 088539
Tel: 62262303


Jeannie Tay said...

Dear kensongs,

How is the service @ Tokyo Restaurant ie how fast do u get your food after u place your order?

kensongs said...

Hi Jeannie, the service is quite fast, around 10 mins, no problem with reordering except they sometimes miss our orders...

Anonymous said...


is this restaurant at the mall NEXT to Amara or within the Amara itself? i went to the Japanese restaurant inside the Amara hotel and it was called something else, not Tokyo restaurant, and it was a total rip-off! $60 for a bowl of tempura udon and some salmon sashimi plus they charged me $3 for a tofu starter which they had placed at the table for me, without my asking.