Friday, October 9, 2009

Queensway Famous Curry Chicken

When I was at Queensway Shopping Centre a few months ago, I couldn't help being attracted to the irresistable aroma of Nyonya curry which came from this stall on the ground floor. Named Queensway Famous Curry Chicken, this stall has both curry chicken and Katong laksa.

I ordered a bowl of curry chicken and a plate of plain rice which cost only $3. Concentrated with the delightful fragrance of coconut milk, the exceptionally thick gravy is remarkably sweet and spicy, reminiscent of the delicious homemade curry which I used to savour when I was a kid. Although so good that you can have it on its own, the mouthwatering curry comes with 3 pieces of chicken and 2 pieces of potato.

During my subsequent visits there, Queensway Famous Curry Chicken has never failed to consistently impress me as one of the best in Singapore. Besides being famous for soccer jerseys and running shoes, Queensway Shopping Centre has a famous curry chicken which indeed lives up to its name.


Queensway Famous Curry Chicken
Queensway Shopping Centre
Level 1
1 Queensway
Singapore 149053

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