Friday, February 1, 2008

Jin Hua Fried Fish Soup

There are two types of fish soup in Singapore: the clear Teochew fish soup which comes with slices of fresh fish and the milky Cantonese fish soup which comes with pieces of fried fish. I usually prefer the former as I was skeptical about how milk can blend well with the taste of fish. I finally found the answer after I tried Jin Hua fried fish soup.

Located at Maxwell Food Centre, this stall is well-known to have long queues during lunch time. A bowl of Jin Hua fried fish soup, which comes with numerous pieces of fried fish, costs $4. The creamy soup is exceptionally mouthwatering with a kaleidoscope of flavours that blend so impeccably, ranging from the sweetness of milk to the saltiness of fish with a subtle tinge of ginger spiciness. The generous pieces of fried fish are tasty and fragrant, coated by a thick layer of savory soup.

Of all the Cantonese fish soup that I have tasted before, Jin Hua is the first in which the milk is able to blend so well with the flavour of the fish. Come down to Maxwell Food Centre and try it for yourself today.


Jin Hua Fried Fish Soup
Maxwell Road Food Centre
12 Murray Street #01-77
Singapore 079519
11am to 8.30pm
Closed on Thursdays


Hiro_K said...

Hi, do try the XO fish head bee hoon at Holland Drive. It's the best i've ever tasted.

kensongs said...

Thanks Hiro, will try it soon. Heard its san lao hor fun is one of the best in Singapore too.

lorraine82 said...

Hi kensongs, have u tried Zhen Zhen porridge at Maxwell Food Centre? It is so fantastic... the queue is always so long...

Extreme Power said...

Yes, I like this one. Also like the one in Ah Moy, Seah Im and Changi Village and not forgetting the Yishun xo one.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know which of these stalls sells the fried sunny-side up egg along with the fish soup?