Saturday, December 1, 2007

Xing Long Economic Rice

I love economic rice or otherwise known as mixed vegetable rice because of the wide variety of dishes available for mix and match. While a plate of economic rice with 2 vegetables and 1 meat costs around $2.50 in hawker centres and $3.50 in food courts, I was surprised to pay $4.50 when I first tried Xin Long economic rice in Marine Parade Food Centre a few years back. But the higher price did not deter me or the rest of the customers in the queue from patronizing this stall all these years. There is something special about this economic rice that keeps all of us coming back.

Of all the delicious dishes, I like the fried ngor hiang best. Filled with abundant water chestnut and marinated minced meat, the fried ngor hiang is unbelievably crunchy, sweet and tasty. The curry chicken, though not the best I've tasted, is fresh and tender and coated with thick savory gravy. The fried egg omelette is extremely flavorful with the irresistable sweetness of spring onion.

This is one economic rice that comes up top in terms of culinary skills. It is definitely worthwhile to pay more for the impressive quality of the dishes. Try it for yourself today.


Xing Long Cooked Food
Marine Parade Food Centre
Blk 84 #01-185
Closed on Sundays


lorraine82 said...

The food at this stall is so expensive & the couple can be rather rude at times... I would rather eat at the economic rice stall at Katong 328 Laksa... cheaper & more delicious

Clara said...

The food here is so tasty!
Prior my discovery of its existence, I always had trouble thinking what should I have for dinner.
I used to be a frequent patron of McDonalds, Fish&Co. and Mos Burger, none of which are very healthy or cheap for that matter.
The couple were pleasant as they gave me no trouble whatsoever, probably because it was not during the rush hour lunch crowd.

Their curry chicken is probably one of the most delicious curries I have ever tried! Trust me, there are much more expensive chicken curries with less taste factor in many parts of Singapore.
The price is definitely worth it!