Sunday, February 21, 2010

New World Mutton Soup

Located on the second storey of Jalan Berseh Food Centre, this must be the most potent mutton soup that I have ever tasted.

Very reasonably priced at $3.20 (add $0.50 for a bowl of rice), New World mutton soup is concentrated with the desirable sweetness of mutton and the distinctive bitterness of herbs and spices, certainly appealing to die-hard mutton soup fans but probably not for the faint-hearted. The numerous pieces of mutton are indeed fleshy and tasty.

If you are looking for a mutton soup that is mind-blowing, New World mutton soup is the one for you. Come down to Jalan Berseh and be overwhelmed.


New World Mutton Soup
Jalan Berseh Cooked Food Centre
Jalan Berseh #02-57
Singapore 209037

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