Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nan Sun Horlicks Soya Bean Milk

As a fan of soya bean milk, the two which I love most are Rochor and Selegie. When I was at Maxwell Food Centre for breakfast last weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to try the special Nan Sun Horlicks soya bean milk.

I ordered a cup of hot Horlicks soya bean milk which costs only $1.30. Concentrated with the natural fragrance of soya beans and the distinctive flavour of Horlicks, the soya milk is delightfully creamy and sweet.

Thicker in consistency than the conventional soya bean milk, Nan Sun Horlicks soya bean milk is certainly worthwhile trying if you are looking for something different.


Nan Sun Horlicks High Calcium Soya Bean Milk
Maxwell Food Centre
12 Murray Street #01-04

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