Tuesday, February 15, 2011

N&B Soya Bean Milk

Located at Hougang Green Shopping Mall directly opposite Arnolds Fried Chicken, I did not know that N&B Snacks has fantastic soya bean milk until I tried it last week.

Thick and fragrant with the delightful goodness of soya beans, N&B soya bean milk is remarkably creamy and sweet.

Although slightly more expensive than most soya bean milk at $1.30 a cup, N&B soya bean milk is more concentrated and tasty. I certainly wouldn't hesitate paying the slight difference in price to enjoy better quality soya bean milk from N&B Snacks.


N&B Snacks
Hougang Green Shopping Mall
21 Hougang Street 51, #01-01


RJ said...

I think there's another outlet at potong pasir as well, near the community club!(: it's along the same row of shops as 7-11

Anonymous said...

I Think it's definetly Great! I would even Wake up 7am in the Morning, just to get myself this Cup of Soya Milk with a Butter Croissant!