Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bao Ma Economic Rice

Frequently patronising Golden Mile Food Centre for dinner, I wondered how I could have missed this delicious economic rice located on its basement. With a wide variety of dishes including its famous curry fish head, I decided to try its fried brocolli, fried egg omelette and braised chicken after much hesitation.

Priced more reasonably than most economic rice, a plate of plain rice with the 3 dishes above cost only $2.50. Well-marinated with a subtle tinge of ginger spiciness, the braised chicken is remarkably tasty and succulent. The fried brocolli is fresh and crunchy while the egg omelette is fragrant and flavorful.

Having dishes with quality so close to home-cooked standard and yet prices so affordable, Bao Ma certainly has one of the best economic rice in Singapore.


Bao Ma Curry Fish Head
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road


Anonymous said...

thanks for all your posts! I am enjoying your reviews and pictures. I will be traveling to Singapore soon and can't wait to try all the food.

Bern said...

Try their curry fish head, it's incredibly fresh and cheap!